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What is Bespoke Tailoring

There are a number of ways of interpreting the word ‘bespoke’ when it comes to tailoring. However, common to them al is the understanding that excellence of fit and choice (cloth & specification) are the objective. When a gentleman wears a suit uniquely tailoring for him he gains confidence and calm. This happy state is achieved after a period of consultation with the tailor who skilfully blends his judgement and artistry with the rules of fashion and tradition. Interpreting the client’s need is almost his greatest skill, indeed there is a saying that a tailor should fir the head not the body: first the man, then the suit.
The fit of a suit is paramount. No amount of fine cloth will make up for a poor fit. The attempt to get the human figure with all its varying shapes and sizes to look good in the ten off-the-rack sizes is a triumph of marketing over reality. No man is ‘standard’, so it is strange for people are satisfied with a standard fit.  For man than a few, the skills of a tailor can make a dramatic improvement to the fit of a suit. A well-fitted suit enables the short to appear (and feel) taller, the young older or even the shy extroverted.
More practical benefits can also accrue from bespoke tailoring. The quality of cloth used is frequently superior to ready-made alternatives. And of course the construction techniques bear no comparison. Furthermore a suit, cut to fit correctly, will last longer than its ill-filling counterpart. In addition to these benefits, it will be a pleasure to order your suit with your tailor. In particular, you will enjoy the ability to specify personal preferences such as the position and type of the pockets, lapels, vents, buttons, pleats, and so on.